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Suzanne Morrow

Suzanne Morrow is a successful Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife and follower of Christ sharing her knowledge, beliefs and faith.

Looking back on my life now in my 60’s, at my upbringing, my experiences, all that has been a part of making me who I am today, was an interesting task. I truly never thought that I would be doing something like the Things Matter Podcast. Sharing, and quite literally exposing my thoughts and beliefs to those who I do not know is scary. I am a very private person. It is daunting to put it all out there knowing that some will disagree with my beliefs. But as my wise Daughter Amanda said to me, if you are scared, then do it scared mom. So this is me, being scared and doing it scared! Because me doing it scared will matter in someone else’s life. And that is what I am on this earth for; to make an eternal difference for others.

Here are the most important things that matter so that we can begin to get to know one another.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ and God. I had a great family upbringing. Three siblings and hard working parents who were Godly and principled. Things mattered to them. Rules, obeying the law, honoring God, discipline, hard work, family and love of country.

I met my husband Cody two weeks after graduating from high school and we were married a year later. Working on figuring out what things matter most in a marriage has blessed us with forty-three years and counting. I think I just maybe getting the hang of it! God gave me the right man to do life with. Cody is hard working and dedicated with too many attributes to list here.

We have three of the most amazing adult children, Nick, Brad and Amanda. Each one of these talented humans have taught me so much. Their wisdom, individually and collectively, astounds me daily.

To date, we have two incredible children-in-laws (not sure if that is a widely accepted name, but that is how I see them, as my children). As if I had given birth to them. I love them so. Pat, Amanda’s brilliant hubby and Bree. Nicks beautiful and gracious wife. We’ve been blessed with three grandkids, Hazel, Weston and Bethany. They are my heart. I live in excitement with great expectation for my third child-in- law! God has someone special selected for Brad, no question.

Early on in our parenting journey I knew I did not like leaving our baby in someone else’s care while I went to work at my real estate career. I found a way to begin working from home building an international business. Cody joined me once the time was right and we have been doing that successfully for 35 yrs now.

Both Cody and I are Native Californians. We have enjoyed living in both Southern California and Northern California. Laguna Hills and Newport Beach and also in a small town in the foothills of Lake Tahoe called Grass Valley. Presently, life has brought us to a small town in the great state of Texas, and we are so grateful that all our children are in Texas as well.

I look forward to sharing more with you on Things Matter Podcast. I hope that my words cause you to consider more deeply the significance of things you may be overlooking in your own life, or things you did not know. I really do believe that things matter today for a great toMorrow, and it will be fun exploring what those things are with you.

See you in my next episode!

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